Anniversary Season: A Look Back

A year ago, I parked my car on Citrus Ave after dropping my dad off at the airport, sat on the couch/my temporary bed with my buddy Rob and his roommates, and anticipated the start of a new journey. I had accomplished the task of driving cross-country in my brand new car, with my brand new computer, and my entire wardrobe of Boston Sports T-Shirts and Sweatshirts and arrived at the start of my brand new life.

The road trip was a great opportunity to catch a glimpse at some parts of the country I would have never been, but on a deeper level it was also a great chance to simultaneously take my mind off the big jump I was about to take, and also mentally prepare myself for it. That seems strange to say, but does make sense in that you need distractions when freaking out about something for too long or you’ll just go crazy. The whole trip I was nervous every time I thought about moving to Los Angeles, but when I was marveling at the Grand Canyon, none of those thoughts came into my head. While a plane trip is still long enough to go through those thoughts, I feel that I matured a bit on the road trip by having been through it and witnessed the sights I’ve described throughout the week.

Taking this week to look back on a very important and literal crossroads in my life was another excuse to reflect on the past year. In fairness, I shouldn’t say excuse, a year out of school and into a new life is a pretty big deal. If you’ve read any of my other reflection-based posts, it’s not secret that this time has gone by too quickly. One thing I may not have mentioned is how unexpected this whole year has treated me.

Obviously, going in, I didn’t know what to expect, or at least knew that I shouldn’t expect to never be surprised by what happens. But despite that, I had a general idea of what would likely happen. It didn’t end up going as I had tentatively planned. For example, I would have thought I’d have some sort of full-time job by now. Not that I’m complaining, things happened they way they did and at this point all I can do is just push onward and hope it doesn’t take another year for that to happen.

I always tell myself this when dwelling on the unemployment thing, but it’s not like I haven’t had ANY work, and it’s not like I haven’t brought in ANY income. It’s just been a struggle on both ends. I’ve settled into a freelancer/intern situation that has given me a couple outlets for creative expression through the art of editing, and while neither of these ventures are salaried positions, I’ve been content with the opportunity to acquire skills that will hopefully help secure a similar but full-time job. But I can’t ignore my lesson learned from the previous paragraph – it may not happen at all like I hope or think it will.

What I can look forward to is continuing to ride this wave that’s been ebbing and flowing through all of 2009, into 2010. With a year under my belt, I know that there will be dry spells, there will be busy spells, and I know how to better deal with both the highs and the lows. Maybe this year the highs will be higher and the lows may be lower. I can only expect to be surprised by how unexpectedly things may go. I know what I want to accomplish – finding that full-time job, seeing through the projects I started last year, get back into writing, take improv classes, to name a few. Even with those goals thought out, who knows what will happen?

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