Conan Tour Documentary

Nothing’s set in stone yet, but Deadline Hollywood broke this story today – Conan O’Brien Plots A Movie Maneuver

As a Conan fan who’s planning on going to one of these “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny of TV” shows, and someone who’s currently working on a documentary, I think this is a great idea.

While no one knew exactly what Conan would do in these months he’s barred from appearing on television, as per his severance contract with NBC, he’s doing all the right things to keep busy and remain in the limelight. This is not only a good move for his audience, but for a his potential TV contract with another network. A lot of people were concerned that after Leno took back “The Tonight Show,” and Conan was off the airwaves for 6 months, he would lose the momentum he had in his final weeks on NBC.

I hope this story is true, and although it’s speculation at this point, it would probably make sense to attempt a quick release of the movie to coincide with his return to television, hopefully in September.