Anniversary Season: Road Trip Day Four – Lubbock, Texas

Day Four of the Cross-Country road trip gave us a little bit of a scare. Yesterday after Little Rock, we attempted to go through Texas on I-20 instead of staying on I-40 and driving through Oklahoma and what was supposed to be a huge ice storm in the midwest. Unfortunately for us, the storm went down to Texas, and we barely made much progress past Dallas today. The roads were pretty horrible, the car would slip if we went over 40 mph. We made an executive decision to go as steady as we could and as far as we could until it didn’t make sense to drive anymore.

That decision took us through Abilene, a quiet town that almost seemed like a ghost town from a movie, but turned out to be the birthplace of Jessica Simpson. We stayed there for lunch and to wait out the storm, then headed back on the ice pack toward Lubbock.

Once we reached our destination, it was a bit earlier than any of our previous final destinations, but due to the in-climate weather, we decided to stay. We went to dinner, then caught “The Wrestler” at a local movie theater.

Lubbock is a college town – home of Texas Tech, (Not Texas A&M…I guess confusing those two is like confusing BU and BC) so despite it being slightly empty due to the ice, it resembled some of college towns I’ve been to over the years. Upon further research and observation, we found out that Lubbock is the birthplace of music legend Buddy Holly. In fact, the Buddy Holly Center is located here.

Buddy Holly Center - Lubbock, Texas

The Buddy Holly Center

Unfortunately, it was close when we left, but man if we ever find ourselves back in Lubbock, this is destination Numero Uno to visit for sure.

Tomorrow, Day Five, we attempt to travel out of Texas. Do we make it? Come back to find out!

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