Reality TV Editor Reel:


Total Divas (E!/WWE)

Season 1 available on WWE Network (with subscription)



Project Runway: Threads (Lifetime)



Best Ink (Oxygen)

Full Episodes (Available for Purchase on YouTube)



Chachi’s World



Here is a Documentary Short I edited, “DNDnG”


Here are some other full videos I’ve edited…


SKETCHES Tram Ride Gorilla Party

“Mating Season” Editor/DP/Music By
“Bathtub Party Day” Editor/DP
“My New Boyfriend” Editor/DP
“Friday Night Letdown” Editor
“A Sudden Realization” Editor
“Bury Me in My Baseball Cap Music Video – Editor

Casual Mafia

“CSI: Blues Clues” Editor/Animator
“Everyday F*ckin’ Ninja” Assistant Editor


“Mac Genius ER,” I sketch I co-wrote and edited from the BUTV Show “Overexposed”



AmerAsian Trailer (Hosted on IMDB)


A Fake Trailer for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” I made for a Video Post Production Class



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